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House Boundaries and Garden Boundaries - Find Your Property's Limits



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Land Registry house boundaries refer to the precise limits of a property's land and buildings as registered with the Land Registry in the United Kingdom. The Land Registry is responsible for maintaining the official record of land ownership in England and Wales, and its title registers and plans provide accurate and up-to-date information on property ownership and boundaries.

The Land Registry title plan is a plan of a property that shows the exact location of the property on an Ordnance Survey map, as well as the precise boundaries of the land and any buildings on it.

The Land Registry title register, on the other hand, provides information about the property's ownership, including details of the owner, any rights or restrictions affecting the property, and any mortgages or charges on the property.

When buying or selling a property, it is important to check the Land Registry title plan to ensure that the property's boundaries are accurate and to avoid any potential disputes or issues that may affect the property's value or use. 

Why Do You Need to Know Your House and Garden Boundaries?

Knowing your property's boundaries is important for many reasons. It helps you to understand the size and shape of your land, and also to know where your property ends and your neighbour's property begins. It's also useful if you're planning to build or make any changes to your property, especially near a garden boundary or boundary fence.

How to Find Your House and Garden Boundaries

Finding your house and garden boundaries is easy with our service. Simply provide your property address and we'll send you a title plan via email within a few hours. Title plans are accurate and reliable, and will help you to understand the exact limits of your property, including any garden boundaries and boundary fences for your property to give you a complete understanding of its legal status.

Our Fast and Affordable House and Garden Boundaries Service

We offer a fast and affordable house and garden boundaries service to help you understand the limits of your property, including any garden boundaries and boundary fences. Our online ordering process is simple and easy to use, and you'll receive your title plan via email within a few hours. We also offer competitive prices to ensure that you can get the information you need without breaking the bank.

Enjoy convenience and complete coverage with our Comprehensive Property Document Packs, offering all available essential property documents in one package.

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