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Terms & Conditions – Land Registry Online

1. Terms and Conditions

1.1 These are the terms and conditions, upon which We provide our Goods and Services to you connected with pursuing a title register, flood risk indicator and title plan, which are presented on Our website on occasion.

1.2 Read these terms with care, prior to submitting your order. If you think there is an error in the terms please contact us to discuss further. The terms tell you what to do if an issue arises, who We are, how We will deliver Goods to you, if parties decide to terminate or change the contract, or other pertinent information.

1.3 The Agreement. When submitting your order to us, you will be required to click on ‘I agree’ button to accept these terms.  You will not be able to receive any services if you refuse to do so.

2. How to contact us and information about us

2.2 We are not the U.K. Government, or any person or department of it, incorporating the HMRC, NI Direct, HM Land Registry, the JobCentre Plus, Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), Scotland's Land Information Service (ScotLIS), or the JobCentre Plus, nor do We have any association with those above mentioned.

2.3 You are able to make an application for Land Registry documents independently by visiting, as well as others, which are available.  For the UK Governments’ application Services, please access; England and Wales, Northern Ireland Direct and Scotland's Land Information Service 

2.4 We may contact you. If We are required to communicate to or with you, We will do so in writing or by telephone to you at your given email or postal in your order only.

2.5 The term ‘Writing’ is inclusive of emails. Throughout these terms ‘written’ or writing can be assumed to include emails.

3.1 For us to be able to accept your order, you must select the agree button to our ‘terms of service’ on Our website. Subsequently, you must then give payment and receive a notification confirmation email. Once these steps are followed; a contract will then exist between you and us.

3.2 If We are not, for any reason, able to accept your order, you will not be charged for the Services and will be informed. This may be for the following reasons:

3.2.1 Unforeseen restrictions on Our resources which We could not reasonably plan for;

3.2.2 you are a minor under the age of 16;    

3.2.4 you do not meet the eligibility requirements for the Services (For example, where incorrect or misleading information is given in the Application Form);

3.2.5 if We believe, with good reason, that you are causing aggravation, irritation or an inconvenience to any Third Party, or that you are committing a fraudulent act or criminal activity;

3.2.6 if We find an error in the service description of price; or,

3.2.7 on any occasion We are unable to meet any deadlines for delivery by the individual.


3.3   If you need to contact us; you must provide the order number.  An order number will be allocated to your order. When the order is accepted you will be informed.


3.4 To receive Our Services, you must be present in the UK. Whilst We accept orders from outside of the UK, We sell in the UK only.


3.5 If you create a submission to receive anything from us, on behalf of a Third Party, We will need confirmation of the Third Parties' consent. Furthermore, proof must be obtained by Us that the person (were they to be applying themselves) would not be in violation of any of these terms’ stipulations.

4.  Making changes – your rights


If you desire to alter anything which has been ordered, please contact us. We will inform you if such a change is possible. If it is possible, We will notify you about any changes, inclusive of; the supply timing, the price, or anything which would be needed as a consequence of your amendment request. Then, you will be asked to confirm whether you would like to continue with stated changes. If we are not able to carry out the amendments, or the results of the amendments are not acceptable to you, you may request to terminate the contract (see clause eight).


5.  Making changes – Our rights


5.1 Pertaining to minor service changes. We may alter Our Goods:


5.1.1 to apply minor technical amendments and enhancements; and


5.1.2 to mirror changes to regulatory requirements and applicable laws, and;


5.1.3 where you will not be affected by these changes.


5.2 Significant changes to these terms and the Goods. Moreover, We will inform you in the case We are required to carry out more substantial changes. Prior to the changes commencing, you may then correspond with us, to terminate the contract and obtain a refund for any Services not received but paid for.


6.   Service provision


6.1 Service provision


6.1.1 Our easy to use and understand online application service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When selecting your order, there will be an option to select the applicable processing timescales, inside of which, We will provide the Services to you once We accept your order.


6.1.2 Your order will be examined by us prior to submission to HM Land Registry/ScotLIS/Ni Direct. Subsequently, We shall support you in looking for the relevant Land Registry documents you have chosen.


6.1.3 During the process, we will correspond with you, inclusive of notifying you of the process start, application submission and once We have completed processing your information


6.1.4. The expected completion date for the Services is the date specified throughout the order process.  Please note, The Fast Track and Super-Fast Track Service offered on Our site only permits us to advance your application. This service allows us to prioritise in preparing, checking, processing and reviewing your application. It will not deliver any accelerated service by HM Land Registry/ScotLIS/Ni Direct.


6.2 We are not liable for:


6.2.1 Delays outside of Our control. If Our Service resources are delayed by any occurrence outside Our control (inclusive of the omissions or activities of a Third Party or you), then We will communicate with you these matters, at the earliest opportunity, and We will minimise any effects that may be caused by the delay. On condition that We do this, We will not be legally responsible for delays initiated by the occurrence;


6.2.2 In the event you do not permit us to execute the Services as agreed (and there is no satisfactory reason for this) or you do not permit us access to deliver Services (where appropriate), then We can charge you the further costs We have incurred as a consequence. If, despite Our reasonable efforts, we cannot re-arrange performance of the Services or contact you or, We may terminate the contract, and clause 9.2 will be applicable.


6.3 In the event you do not provide the obligatory information to us; We will not be liable. We may require particular information from you so that We are able to provide the Services to you; for example, those presented in the order process. We will communicate to you to request this information where it has not been delivered, or where the information seems to be incomplete or incorrect. If you do not provide us with this information within a reasonable time when We request it, or if you give us incomplete or misleading information, We may either terminate the contract (and clause 9.2 will apply) or make an added charge of a reasonable amount to recompense us for any additional work required as a consequence. We will not be liable for providing the Services late or failing to supply any part of them if the failure is initiated by you not giving us the information asked for within a reasonable time.


6.4 Reasoning for us suspending the supply of Services to you. We may be required to suspend the supply of Services to:


6.4.1 Attend to technical issues or perform minor technological adjustments;


6.4.2 to make adjustments to the Services as asked for by you or alerted by us to you (see clause 5); or  


6.4.3 Modernise the Services to mirror changes in regulatory requirements and pertinent laws.


6.5 Your rights if We suspend the supply of the Services. We will notify you previous to suspending the Service provision except if the issue is an emergency or urgent. We may advise you We are going to suspend the contract for the Services. Or you may communicate with us to terminate the contract for the Services if We suspend it. Regardless, in each case for a time exceeding fourteen days, We will refund any monies you have paid in advance for the Services in respect of the period once the contract has ended.


6.6 We may also suspend provision of Services if you do not pay. If you do not pay us for the Services when you are obligated to ( refer to clause 11.4), and you still do not make payment within seven days succeeding a reminder from us that payment is owing, We may suspend provision of the Services until you have paid us the amounts unsettled. We will contact you to advise you that We are suspending supply of the Services. We will not suspend the Services where you argue any unpaid invoice (see clause 11.6). In addition to suspending the Services, We may also charge you interest on your overdue payments (see clause 11.5).


6.7 Completion. Our Services to you will be completed:


6.7.1 When the applicable land registry document has been processed, reviewed, retrieved and sent to you in a confirmation email.


7. If We are required to contact you to rectify any information on your Application Form as detailed above, or to send a form you are obligated to sign, and you do not reply within twenty-eight days, you shall not be permitted to receive a refund.


Terminating the contract – your rights

8.1 Terminating your contract with us. As a customer, you lose the right to cancel a service contract that has been executed entirely within the cancellation period, as through this contract you recognised you would lose your right to cancel succeeding the full performance of the contract. The terms are agreed when agreeing to Our Terms of Service. To find Our Refunds Policy see

8.1.1 If you have simply reconsidered the transaction, you as a consumer normally have no automatic right to reconsider and thus terminate a contract. If this happens, you are violating the contract. To view Our Refunds Policy, visit


8.1.2 If you decide to end the contract as a result of Our actions or any action We stated would be taken, visit Our Refunds Policy, available via 


8.1.3 In all other circumstances (where We are not responsible, and there is no right to reconsider), see Policy.


9. Terminating the contract – our rights


9.1 If you are in violation of the contract, we may terminate your contract. The contract may be ended at any time by writing to you if:


9.1.1 You do not, within a realistic time of us requesting for it, give us the required information for us to deliver Our Goods to you or;


9.1.2 You do not provide payment to us when it is owed, and you still do not provide payment within seven days of us prompting you that payment is owed


9.2 You are required to recompense us if you violate the contract.


9.3 We can remove the provided Goods. We can write to you to inform you We are going to cease in supplying the Goods. We will inform you as soon as realistically possible prior to of the provision of Goods and will repay any amounts you have prior to that which will not be supplied.


10. What if there is an issue or concern?


You need to inform us regarding any problems or concerns. If you have any queries or grievances, please see the Policy.

11. Payment and price

11.1 Discovering the price of the product. The price of the Goods (inclusive of VAT) will be the cost specified on the order pages when you are placing your order. We take all reasonable care to make certain the costs provided to you are exact and right. Nevertheless, see clause 11.3 in the occurrence an inaccuracy in the cost is found.


11.2 We will forward to you any adjustments in the VAT rate. If the rate of VAT varies between your order date and the date We provide the Goods, We will amend the rate of VAT that you pay, except if you have settled in full prior to the change in the rate of VAT taking effect.


11.3 What ensues, in the occurrence We have incorrectly presented the cost? It is conceivable that, regardless of Our greatest efforts, some of Our Goods may be costed mistakenly. We will frequently scrutinise costs before accepting your order. Where the sum at your order date is below Our stated cost at your order date, We will charge the lesser sum. If the right cost price at your order date is greater than the cost stated to you, We will correspond with you for your directions before We accept your order. If We accept and process your order with a cost inaccuracy that is apparent and distinctive and could realistically have been recognised by you as a mispricing, We may close the contract and recompense you any amounts you have paid.


11.4 When/how you must pay. We take payment via any of the ways presented on the website when ordering. Unless otherwise agreed amongst the parties you are required to pay for the Services completely when placing your order.


11.5 What to do if you believe an invoice is incorrect. If you think an invoice is wrong, please communicate with us punctually to keep us informed. You will not be required to pay any interest awaiting a resolution of the dispute. Once the dispute is resolved, We will charge you interest on accurately invoiced amounts from the first given due date.

11.6 We can charge interest if you pay outside the specified time. If you do not provide any payment to us by the date owed, We can charge interest to you on the outstanding amount at the rate of 8% a year beyond the base lending rate of the Bank of England at times. This interest shall accumulate day-to-day from the due date until the date of actual payment of the unsettled amount, whether previous to or post judgment. You are obligated to pay us interest alongside any unresolved sum.


12. Loss or damage suffered by you – Our duty


12.1 We are liable to you for any anticipated loss and damage caused by us. If We do not observe these terms, We are liable for any loss or damage you suffer as an anticipatable consequence directly due to Our violation of contract or Our failure to use sensible precaution and proficiency. Conversely, We are not liable for any loss or damage that is not predictable. Loss or damage is predictable if it is either clear it will arise, or if at the time the contract was made, both parties recognised it could happen. (E.G. conversing with us about it throughout the sales process.)

12.2 We do not exempt or limit Our responsibility where it would be unlawful to do so. This includes responsibility for death or personal injury caused by Our neglect or the neglect of Our staff, representatives or subcontractors; or for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or owing to a violation of your legal rights regarding Our Goods.

12.3 We are not responsible for any business losses. Provision of Our Goods is solely for home and private use. Thus, We have no obligation to any business for; any loss of profit, loss of business, business disruption, or loss of business opportunity.

13. Your personal information – how we may use it

Ways We may utilise your personal Information.  We will only utilise your Personal Information as stipulated in Our Privacy and Cookies Policy, available via.

14. Further significant terms

14.1 We may handover this arrangement to another party, and We may allocate Our rights and responsibilities under these terms to an alternative establishment.

14.2   No other party has any rights under this contract. This contract concerns you (the consumer) and us (the seller) only; so, no Third Party will have any rights to impose any of its terms. Neither party to this contract will need the agreement of any Third Party, as a means to end the contract or make any deviations to these terms.

14.3 Notwithstanding any postponement in putting into force this contract, We are authorised to impose it at a future date. If We do not instantly insist that you perform the obligatory action for your violation of obligation under these terms, or if We postpone taking action against you succeeding your violation of this contract; irrespectively, it must be deduced that you have a responsibility to act as per this contract and it will not inhibit us taking action against you at a future date (e.g. if We do not inform you of any unsettled payment for Goods or Services, but We continue to supply the Goods, We can still ask for and require your payment at a future date).

14.4 If a court discovers a term or section of this contract unlawful, the remaining contract will stand to be in operation, legal and valid. The units within this contract operate distinctly. If any court or appropriate power discovers any of the terms to the contract to be illegal, the remaining terms that are not discovered to be illegal will remain fully in operation.

14.5 Laws that permit legal action and are applicable to this contract. These terms are set out and enforced in English law (subject to your rights as a consumer to carry out proceedings somewhere else). Any legal proceedings regarding the Goods can be taken to an English court.

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