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Refund Policy

This Policy ought be read and understood in combination with Our standard Terms and Conditions of Service (Terms). All defined terms used in this Policy shall be understood by the meaning specified to them in the Terms.


  1. Terminating the contract – your rights


1.1 Terminating to the contract by reason of the action We have taken or undoubtedly will take in the direct future. If you are ending a contract for the reasons given at clauses 1.1(a) to 1.1(e) underneath; the contract will terminate with immediate effect, and you will not be approved to receive a full refund for any Goods which have not been provided. Due to reasons including:


(a) You have been notified of any upcoming change to Our Goods or these terms which you do not approve of (see clause 5.2 of the Terms);


(b) We have advised you of a fault in the charge or description of any ordered Goods, and you no longer wish to continue;


(c) There is a danger that the provision of Our Goods may be considerably delayed attributable to events beyond Our control;


(d) We have postponed provision of the Goods or informed you, or we plan to suspend them because of technical reasons. In both cases it required to be for a period of time above fourteen days; or


(e)  you have a legal right to end the contract as a result of something We have failed to do correctly.


1.2 Exercising your right to reconsider the contract can be located under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013. For the greater part of Goods bought online, you (the consumer) have a legal right to change your mind within fourteen days.  The rights found under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 are extrapolated in these terms.


1.3 When you do not have the right to reconsider.


(a) Pertaining to Services, you do not have a right to change your mind after We have commenced processing, or the Services have been provided in their totality; this will be maintained irrespective of the termination period being active.


1.4 How long do I have to reconsider?


Where you have bought Services, you have 14 days from the day We email you to authorize Our acceptance of your order. Nevertheless, if We have commenced or finalised the Services, you cannot change your mind, irrespective of whether it is within the duration of the 14 days. Should you withdraw after We have proceeded with the Services, you must refund us for the Services delivered up until the time you inform us that you have changed your mind and would like to end the Services.


1.5 Terminating the contract where We are not responsible, and there is no right to change your mind.


(a) In the case We are not responsible for errors, and you do not have a right to change your mind (please see clause 8 of the Terms), you can nevertheless terminate the contract before completion, but you may be required to pay us compensation.


(b) The contract for Services will be satisfied upon completion of us supplying the Services, and being in receipt of payment from yourself. In the event We are not responsible for errors, and you have not reconsidered, but you would like to end a contract before completion, just communicate with us to inform us.


(c) The contract will be ended instantly, and We will refund any monies paid by you for Services not delivered, but We may remove an amount from that refund (if you have not made a payment in advance, we can also charge you) any realistic compensation for the costs after deductions, sustained by us as a consequence of you ending the contract. Compensation for the costs after deductions We sustain will be subject to the date which you terminate the contract and will be calculated in accordance.


2. A legal rights summary - regarding problems


2.1 We are under a legal obligation to provide Goods that conform to this contract. See the underneath box, for a summarisation of your fundamental legal rights regarding the Goods. No thing in these terms will have any affect your legal rights.


2.2 This summary is conditional to particular exemptions. For more in depth information, visit the Citizens Advice website The Consumer Rights Act of 2015 postulates:


(a) You may need us to replicate the performance or resolve the service if it is not performed with skill and reasonable care, or you may need a  part, or full refund, if We are unable to resolve the issue;


(b) if you have not arranged and agreed a price prior, the prices you are obligated to pay have to be reasonable; and


(c) if you have not agreed to a time prior, the service must be performed within a reasonable time.


2.3 Please note also, exerting your right to reconsider (Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013) under clause 1.2 above.


3. Proceeding to terminate the contract


3.1 Informing us you would like to terminate the contract. To end the contract with us, please inform us via correspondence with Our Customer Services department.


3.2 Ways We will reimburse you. We will reimburse you the price you paid for the Goods; inclusive any delivery charges, this will be completed through the payment method utilised by you during prior payment. Conversely, We can subtract monies from the price, as stated below.


3.3 Deductions from refunds if you are exerting your right to change your mind. When exerting your right to reconsider, We may subtract money from any refund a sum for the provision of the Services for the time they were supplied and finishing with the time when you informed us you changed your mind in regards to the transaction. The sum will be proportionate to the Goods and Services provided, and in comparison with the complete contract coverage.  Where ending the contract occurs via any other means (to include where you have violated the Terms), please be aware that no refunds will be provided.


3.4 When your refund will be given. We will deliver any refunds owing to you as rapidly as is practically achievable. Please note that to reimburse us for Our time and the administration in handling refunds, an administrative charge will be applied and subtracted from the refund, prior to any credited refund to you.

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