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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Please read and understand this Policy in conjunction with Our standard Terms and Conditions of Service (Terms). All defined terms used in this Policy shall have the meanings specified in the Terms.

Terminating the Contract – Your Rights

1. Terminating the Contract by Reason of Our Actions or Future Actions

If you wish to terminate a contract for any of the reasons outlined in clauses 1.1(a) to 1.1(e) below, the contract will terminate immediately, and you will not be entitled to a full refund for any Goods not provided. These reasons include:

(a) You have been notified of upcoming changes to Our Goods or these terms that you do not agree with (see clause 5.2 of the Terms).

(b) We have informed you of a fault in the charge or description of any ordered Goods, and you no longer wish to proceed.

(c) There is a risk of significant delays in the provision of Our Goods due to events beyond Our control.

(d) We have postponed the delivery of the Goods or have informed you of our intention to suspend them for technical reasons. In both cases, the suspension will be for a period exceeding fourteen days.

(e) You have a legal right to terminate the contract due to Our failure to fulfill our obligations correctly.

1.2 Exercising Your Right to Reconsider the Contract

You can exercise your right to reconsider the contract in accordance with the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013. For most Goods purchased online, you (the consumer) have the legal right to change your mind within fourteen days. The rights granted under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 are explained in detail in these terms.

1.3 When You Do Not Have the Right to Reconsider

(a) Regarding Services, you do not have the right to change your mind after We have commenced processing or provided the Services in full. This applies regardless of the active termination period.

1.4 How Long Do You Have to Reconsider?

If you have purchased Services, you have 14 days from the day We email you to confirm Our acceptance of your order. However, if We have already commenced or completed the Services, you cannot change your mind, even if it is within the 14-day period. If you withdraw after We have initiated the Services, you must reimburse us for the Services rendered up to the point when you notify us of your decision to terminate the Services.

1.5 Terminating the Contract Where We Are Not Responsible and There Is No Right to Change Your Mind

(a) In cases where We are not responsible for errors, and you do not have the right to change your mind (please see clause 8 of the Terms), you may still terminate the contract before completion, but you may be required to compensate us.

(b) The contract for Services will be considered fulfilled upon completion of our provision of the Services and receipt of payment from you. If We are not responsible for errors, and you have not reconsidered but wish to terminate the contract before completion, please contact us to inform us.

(c) The contract will terminate immediately, and We will refund any payments made by you for Services not provided. However, we may deduct a reasonable amount as compensation for costs incurred by us due to your termination of the contract. The compensation will depend on the date of contract termination and will be calculated accordingly.

2. Summary of Your Legal Rights Regarding Problems

2.1 Our Legal Obligation

We are legally obligated to provide Goods that conform to this contract. Please see the following summary of your fundamental legal rights regarding the Goods. These terms do not affect your legal rights.

2.2 Conditions of the Summary

This summary is subject to specific exemptions. For more detailed information, visit the Citizens Advice website at The Consumer Rights Act of 2015 stipulates:

(a) You may require us to remedy the performance or resolve the service if it is not performed with skill and reasonable care, or you may request a part or full refund if we are unable to resolve the issue.

(b) If you have not agreed on a price in advance, the prices you are required to pay must be reasonable.

(c) If you have not agreed on a timeframe, the service must be completed within a reasonable time.

**2.3 Exercising Your Right to Reconsider (Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013) as mentioned in clause 1.2 above.

3. Terminating the Contract

3.1 Notifying Us of Your Decision to Terminate

To terminate the contract with us, please contact Our Customer Services department.

3.2 Refund Methods

We will refund you the price you paid for the Goods, including any delivery charges, using the same payment method you used for the original payment. However, we may deduct amounts as specified below.

3.3 Deductions from Refunds for Exercising Your Right to Change Your Mind

When you exercise your right to change your mind, we may deduct an administrative charge from any refund due to you. For properties located in England, Wales, Scotland, and the Republic of Ireland, the administrative charge is £6. For properties in Northern Ireland, the administrative charge is £12.99. Additionally, for unregistered properties where we carry out searches but are unable to provide registered documents, an administration fee will also be applied in line with the aforementioned rates.


Beyond these administrative charges, we may also deduct a sum for the provision of the Services rendered up to the point you informed us of your decision to cancel. This sum will be proportionate to the Goods and Services supplied in accordance with the full contract terms. Please be aware that no refunds will be issued if the contract is terminated for any other reason, including violation of the Terms.

3.4 Timing of Refunds

We will process any refunds owed to you as quickly as reasonably possible. The administrative charges specified in section 3.3 will be deducted from the refund amount to cover the time and administrative costs we incur while handling the refund process.

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