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Leasehold Reform in 2022: What You Needed to Know

Updated: Mar 11


If you owned a leasehold property in 2022, you may have been wondering when the long-awaited leasehold reform would happen. In this guide, we provided the latest updates on the proposed reforms and what they could have meant for you as a leasehold property owner.

The Background to Leasehold Reform

Leasehold reform had been a hot topic in the UK property market for several years, as many leasehold property owners had found themselves trapped in unfair contracts with escalating ground rents and other fees. The government had pledged to reform the leasehold system to provide greater protection for leasehold property owners, but progress had been slow.

Proposed Leasehold Reforms in 2022

The government had proposed a range of reforms to the leasehold system, which were due to come into effect in 2022. These included a ban on the sale of new leasehold houses, as well as restrictions on ground rents for new leasehold flats. The reforms were also intended to make it easier for leasehold property owners to buy their freehold or extend their lease, and introduce a new system for resolving disputes.

How the Reforms Could Have Affected You

If you owned a leasehold property, the proposed reforms could have had a significant impact on your rights and financial situation. If you were currently trapped in an unfair leasehold contract with escalating ground rents or other fees, the reforms could have provided a way out. They could also have made it easier and more affordable to buy your freehold or extend your lease, giving you greater control over your property.

What You Could Have Done Then

While the leasehold reforms were not yet in effect, there were steps you could have taken then to protect your rights and prepare for the changes. If you were thinking of buying a leasehold property, it was important to review the terms of the lease carefully and seek professional advice if necessary. If you were already a leasehold property owner, it was important to speak to a solicitor or conveyancer to discuss your options for buying your freehold or extending your lease.


In summary, the proposed leasehold reforms in 2022 represented a significant step forward in protecting the rights of leasehold property owners in the UK. If you owned a leasehold property, it was important to stay up to date on the latest developments and take action to protect your rights and financial situation. At Land Registry Online, we could have helped you navigate the complexities of the leasehold system and ensure that you were fully informed and prepared for the changes ahead.


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