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Title Deeds & House Deeds



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Title deeds, also known as house deeds, are legal documents that provide evidence of ownership and other important information about a property. They include a variety of documents such as conveyances, transfers, and leases, which establish the chain of ownership of the property over time.

Title deeds are typically held by the property owner or their solicitor, and they are an important record of the property's history and ownership. They may include information on any covenants, easements, or restrictions that affect the property, as well as any mortgages or other charges that have been registered against it.

In the UK, title deeds were historically the primary way of proving ownership of a property, but this has changed over time. Since the introduction of the Land Registration Act in 1925, most properties have been registered with the Land Registry, which maintains a digital record of all registered land and property in England and Wales.

Despite this, many property owners still hold onto their title deeds as a form of proof of ownership and to provide additional information about their property. In some cases, it may be necessary to refer to the title deeds when dealing with legal disputes or when transferring ownership of the property to a new owner.


It's important to note that, while title deeds can provide valuable information about a property, they are not the same as the title register maintained by the Land Registry. The title register is the official legal record of a property's ownership and other important details, while the title deeds are historical documents that provide evidence of ownership and other information about the property.

What Information Do Title Deeds & House Deeds Include?

Title deeds and house deeds typically include information about the property's ownership, boundaries, and any rights or restrictions that may affect it. They may also include information about mortgages or other loans secured against the property.

When land is registered, the title deeds consist of the Official Copies of the registered Title Register, the Title Plan, and any other documents mentioned in the register, such as an old conveyance. The Title Register is a formal record of the legal title to the property.

How to Order Title Deeds & House Deeds Online

Ordering title deeds and house deeds online is quick and easy with Land Registry Online. Simply select the document you need, provide the necessary details, and complete your payment. Your documents will be delivered to you by email within a few hours.

Why Choose Our Title Deeds & House Deeds Services?

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