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Gain access to official copies of Land Registry documents online at a click of a button.

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Title Register

The title register document details the ownership information of a section of land or property.

The title register document usually include: ​

  • Title number

  • Property ownership

  • Last sold price

  • Tenure (leasehold or freehold)

  • Class of Title

  • Mortgage

  • Restrictive covenants

  • Easements

Title Plan

The title plan document supports the property description in the register  by providing a graphic representation and identifying the general extent of the land in the registered title.

In addition to showing the land in a registered title, the title plan may contain:

  • Title Number

  • General boundaries - Section 60 

  • Extent of property owned

  • Orientation & Scale

Property Information

Our comprehensive pack consists of all relevant documents that can be used to learn more about a property or piece of land.

The information may include:

  • Title Register

  • Title Plan

  • Conveyancing Deed

  • Transfer Deed

  • Charge Deed

  • Lease Deed

  • Indenture Deed

  • Deed of Covenant

  • Deed of Assignment

  • Index Map Search

  • Flood Risk Report

All of your documents from one location

Our online services are available to the general public, commercial, professional and public organisations throughout the day and night, 7 days a week.


We aim to provide a fluid and simple process, leading the way with online property document provision, to help streamline conveyancing processes and make access to property title documents more simple for the property professional or home owner.


We are an independent supplier of conveyancing searches and are not owned by nor affiliated with the UK Government or HM Land Registry.






Index Map Search

An index map search is an essential step in obtaining valuable information about your property. It is a search to find the location of your property on the map. The index map search shows the exact location and boundaries of the property and helps you to identify any potential issues related to the property.

Flood Risk Report

Our flood risk report provides a comprehensive analysis of the flood risk for your property, along with expert recommendations for protecting your property. With our flood risk report, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have the information you need to make informed decisions about flood protection.

Historic Title Documents

Access historic title registers and title plans for your property. Gain valuable insights and a deeper understanding of your property's history. Our user-friendly platform simplifies property research. Experience peace of mind with our comprehensive title document service.




Received my house deeds and deed plans online very quickly with all requested attachments. Brilliant service!! I will be using your services again, many thanks

Sam, Leeds

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