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Who Built My House?


If you're a homeowner, you may have found yourself wondering about the history of your property. Who built it? When was it constructed? What other information is available about its past? Fortunately, you can easily answer these questions by using Land Registry Online.

Using Land Registry Online to Research Property History

To access our Title Register service, simply visit Land Registry Online and enter the property's address or title number. Our service will provide you with a copy of the Title Register, which includes information about the property's ownership history, any previous sales, and even the names of the individuals or companies involved in the construction of the property.

Understanding Property Ownership Records

Property ownership records are legal documents that show who owns a property and any restrictions or covenants that apply. They are registered with the Land Registry, which maintains a record of all land and property in England and Wales.

Discovering Who Built Your House

If you're specifically interested in learning who built your house, Land Registry Online can help with that as well. By accessing the property ownership records, we can find out the names of the individuals or companies who owned the property at the time of its construction. We can also find out if there were any architects, builders, or other professionals involved in the construction process. As long as the property is registered, you will need to either provide a date range, up to a maximum of one year or a specific date in order for us to check the land or property historical Title Register.

All of this information can give you a better understanding of your property's history and help you appreciate its unique characteristics and features.

Benefits of Using Land Registry Online

There are many benefits to using Land Registry Online. For one, it saves you time and effort and you won't have to visit a physical office or wait for documents to be posted to you. Simply enter your property details, pay the fee, and we'll provide you with a digital copy of your Title Register within a few hours.


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